Sunday, March 9, 2014


History of Mormonism

This week was good, we had a lot of member support and we´re working on getting our investigators ready for baptism. We have 3 families that only need to get married and boom, baptism. So we´re going to be talking to them this week about matrimony. My favorite topic with non-members. But we are going to have success with that. I´m still here for another 6 weeks and I´m happy to be able to stay here, this is an amazing area, and while it's not home, it's been a great area to work in. Now I´m teaching 2 or 3 English speaking classes during the week to people. It's great meeting new people and helping them improve their skills. Well the talent show was OK, didn't do anything myself because the branch didn't buy the cord to power the piano. It was really good, there was about 150 people and at least 30 or so weren't members. I have at least 5 or 6 videos from it so I can show them to you when I get home. As for Margarita she was super happy for the baptism. And her family is more interested in learning from us now than before, so we´re going to be teaching them more now to try and convert the family.

I'm almost at one year! The year mark is to burn a shirt, but I don´t want to buy another one so I´m not going to do that, At the 6 month mark, its to burn a tie, but I like my ties so not going to do that either, but I have one that was a Christmas gift but it's like an ugly sweater contest winner of ties, so maybe that one.

I still haven´t had the chance to clean my suits, I have the number for a place that does it, just can't find the time to go there and drop them off, I'm going to see If I can have a member do it for me. The same for the shoes, the shoes I´m still trying to decide If I want to fix them or buy new ones.

But as for the golf and pool, I´m waiting for when I get home, with all the walking I do, we´re going to be going out for the 36 holes everyday. None of that, "only 18 for today," stuffs.

Sorry no pictures this week!

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