Thursday, February 12, 2015


Red Squirrel

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  I'm now in Bucaramanga. The drive to get here was about 10 hours from Bogota on a bus and it was nice, we were on a Double Decker bus, but they had the air conditioner running the whole time so it was a little cold sometimes. The new area is fine, it`s hotter than Bogota, but that`s about the only thing that I don`t particularly like about the area.    It has a generous dispersion of apartments and houses but they all are surrounded by gates or fences making it hard to meet people.  Just working out those kinks from not being in the field for so long.  Other than that it`s fine.  My companion and I get along fine.  His name is Elder BriceƱo and he's from Chile.  He has about 16-17 months in the mission.   My Spanish is doing fine. I find myself mixing my Spanish with English now that I`m required to speak only Spanish in the area again. That will hopefully pass in the next week or so.   I was trying to hide the fact that I`m leaving in a few weeks but somehow the members found out that I only have 3 weeks left in Terrazzos and I don`t know how.  

The biggest challenge this week has been to find investigators and especially to be able to find those that are willing to listen to the gospel.

My biggest concern right now is that I`ll get lazy for going home soon and not finish the mission strong so that I can come home with little or no regrets.
My biggest success this past week....I have been doing my daily exercises, and I`m not chowing down on everything in sight anymore.  But in the work,  we had a few good contacts this week and we`ll be visiting them today or later this week.
My favorite person this week would be Hno. Hector Alias.  Because he always invites us over to his house for Family Home Evenings and there`s always a non member to contact or something to do so that we can fulfill our calling.
What are you looking forward to this coming week? We have our zone conference tomorrow and I believe that we have some good lessons planned.
Do you have a goal set for this coming week? I plan on memorizing a scripture a day since I`ve been forgetting to do it in the office.  But that`s just because I like doing it and it`s easy to do so.

Happy Birthday to my mom!  

P.S. Sister Martinez I will try to  bring bocadillo and arequipe back.


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Bowling with Hermanas

Bowling shoes

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Made fettuccine for the house.
I am being transferred to.....  I have no idea yet but I will let you know on Monday.  Transfers are on Monday, but I¨ll be leaving Tuesday or Wednesday with Elder Flores, to where, no idea.   It´s nice to be leaving. It will be a change of pace since I've been in the office for seven months.   But I want to finish strong and be able to say that I was obedient and served the Lord and the people of Colombia.

Alzamora did write me and it was nice to hear from him.  Thanks ex-comp!

Not a lot to write because I need to pack and get ready to go somewhere.  I will write more on Monday.

The lock on the center is to be able to open that latch and then take the padlocks off the inside of the door so that you can actually open the door.  It´s really secure, but kind of overkill