Sunday, March 16, 2014


Shoes are worn out! Didn't realize that I walk funny.
I had subway for the first time in a year!!!!

Fact of the day, in Latin culture they have 2 last names, the one from the father and the one from the mother, makes doing family history work easier I think. I had some good times with the zone leaders on Saturday in an exchange which was great. Didn't have a whole lot of lessons, but it was nice to go out with Elder Lagos for the day, he´s in my group so we go home together, he´s from Honduras and is 19 years old. I´m getting ready to finish that first year, so we´re going to see how it goes. If Jason comes to this mission that would be interesting, I would get to be his Zone leader, or ...his trainer!! Nah, he´s going to Bogota South mission. Margarita and the Orduña family are great, we´re working on getting them all a calling and to get their visiting teachers to visit them, so it´s not just the missionaries that are going by their houses.

I´m hoping to find and meet more special people. The people with whom I can have those eternal bonds now and in the eternities.

P.S. Sister Adams, thank you for writing so faithfully to me. I'm sorry if I don't respond as much. I really do appreciate you and your letters.

We played monopoly, Elder Apari (center) won.

The zone!

Elder Macias with Niño.

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