Sunday, October 26, 2014


3 Amigos

My old district from Duitama
Sunset in Bogota

I did get my package, and I shared everything except the popcorn and the pumpkin stuff.  My companion has never had a cow tail before.   I liked all the goodies but I think it´s because as Americans we enjoy our sweets.   The weather here is beautiful and so are the sunsets.  The weeks are the same in the office.  Nothing really changes.  But I will post a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy.  Please email me at  I would love to see everyone's costumes for Halloween.  

Spanish dinner

Elder Munoz birthday


We love our pop!

Complete rubix cube

Different rubix cube

Sucker from Brazil

My zone in Duitama

Elder Alzamora signing off.  Goodbye Comp!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


THANKS EVERYONE FOR READING MY BLOG AND FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT. I almost have 10,000 readers for my blog.  I´m doing fine.  Not a whole lot new this week, I have a new companion and yes I will send a picture, His name is Elder Flores (Elder Flowers) and he´s pretty cool.  He´s from Mexico and came in the same group as me so 
we´ll be going home together.  We also got to go to a new restaurant this week; it´s called Subway, don´t know if you've heard of it.  This week we set up a baptismal date and so we're going to have a baptism in the offices YAY.

I only played one game of ping pong with President Andelin and he just whipped me, I can´t play because I don´t have that hand eye coordination.   I have a lot of pictures, just need to find the time to change the format and send them out.  So hopefully pictures coming next week.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meet the Mormons

 This is a feature length documentary film tells the stories of 6 members of the church from around the world.  this film was originally intended for the Legacy Theater at temple square.  Viewers will have an opportunity to witness people striving to follow the Savior.Opening weekend is October 10
go to to locate a city near you!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


I got super wet!
We have a lot of work in the offices.  We have a leadership council on Thursday, so I´ll be having to go buy the tickets and get all the scheduling done for that, but it´s pretty easy now, It´s always the same people that leave it seems to me, so I just tell them to do the normal.  But otherwise we´re just looking forward to conference, perhaps my last conference in the mission.   I´m hoping it´ll be super good and get me motivated to keep going.  I´m hoping that I´ll be able to see Jason singing in the choir as well, just to be able to go back in the past and say it´s me, since no one will know the difference.  We also got a new ice-cream place that opened up by the office like half a block up. Don´t know if you´ve heard of it but it´s a place called Baskin & Robbins. :)

Biscuits and Gravy at the Larsons

Cake I made for Elder Sanahuano

Pizza we made.  

I had to do a lot of paperwork for the credit cards in the mission, especially since there were a few problems this month with getting the reimbursements in on time, so that gave me more to do.  Also I made lunch every day with Elder Hicken since we wanted to see if by so doing we could save money or if it would be a waste.  We found that actually planning and making lunches in the house is cheaper and it tastes better since we get to make it.  I was surprised for $10 we were able to make like 4 medium sized pizzas for lunch yesterday and with the $40 dollars we spent last week for meals we were able to make enough everyday with more left over still.  We actually thought we wouldn´t have enough food, but it´s nice to know that cooking at home is healthier, cheaper and tastier than going out. (At least in Colombia)  But the best part of the week was probably when we got to have breakfast with the Larson Family and hang out with them this morning.  It was just a nice relaxing day that we had to wind down a bit. 

P.S. But as for little Hopey, I can't believe she is a freshman and a varsity cheerleader.  I still think that she still has to be like 10 years old.  I´ll just stop by the new house when I get home and she´ll still just barely reach my shoulder if that.  (Though she probably still only reaches to my shoulder, so I guess that it hasn't changed then.)  But that´s cool she´s finally a freshman, it only took me to graduate high school, college and almost get home from the mission, but hey, we don´t grow up in a day.