Sunday, January 5, 2014


Gifts from a sweet family

Another yummy Christmas gift!

Flan from the Orduna Family

Lunch on Christmas.  Yummm.

                                                                              I made spaghetti and meatballs
So the good part of the week is that I got to Skype my family.  The bad part is that the house we usually go to was closed because it was Christmas. It is right next to us.   Some of the houses that you go to out here, their job or source of income is to rent internet to people.  So, while I was talking to my family I kept looking at the ceiling and the walls because there were rats going across the beams in the ceiling, lizards on the walls, cockroaches and crickets crawling everywhere else.  That is normal in some parts because of the way the houses are constructed and because of the weather insects, reptiles, and rodents never die but just multiply.  But my apartment is a place of cleanliness and order and because we have cans of raid and whatever else is needed to keep them out. 

We had to do a lot of searching this week because we are going to have to leave a couple families that aren't going to progress anymore and that don't have the desire to change.  You get close to the majority of the families you teach and it's sad when they don't want to progress, but you pray for them that in the future that they will become stronger and be ready for the next missionaries that try to teach them. 
His sister thought it would be funny to put these props on him while he was sleeping.

Another good part of the week is the gifts that we received from the members.  These people have very little and give so much and you feel guilty taking anything from them but they are so giving and would be offended.  I really appreciate their gifts because I know it comes from the heart.  The people here are great and humble. 

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