Monday, December 30, 2013


The lizards here are like Cardinals at home.  You can't touch them because they are the areas pride and joy.  This lizard is about 2 times as big as the picture looks. 
This week we got to have our Christmas devotional with the president and it was great.  He taught us some new games that we can play with the investigators in order to get them more active in the discussion which is great.  But we also got to perform our Christmas musical that our zone put together.  We have a small zone of 12 people but we were the best, why, because we had Christmas hats, and Christmas hats with lights automatically make you the best zone in the area.  I was especially happy that we got to have an area picture, I haven't received it yet, but when I do I'll send it home.  But I have photos of my zone which I can send home.   I got a new tie and we got to watch a musical which was great.  First real TV in 9 months.

This week we were working a lot to help the members change the way to do the work,  we have been preparing for a capacitacion (training) here in order to help them change the way we have the branch council so that we can focus more on the members that need help and less on the activities that we have to plan or other things that are important but not as important as the members or the work of salvation. It was a great success.  We could talk in greater unity and the members were able to see how they could improve themselves in order to get everything more organized and find the members that at times can "fall through the cracks."  The best part of the week was that we were able to find a few more people to teach. Not all are ready for the gospel but we are here to plant seeds the same as to harvest the seeds planted from before us.  I'm really looking forward to this week to share it with the members to learn there customs and the way that they celebrate the birth of the savior.  They celebrate Christmas but then every day leading up to New Years is a different festival.  Spiritually would have to be that we were in the taxi today and we started talking to the taxista, we were with the sisters because we aren't all going to go to the same place in separate taxis, and they started to sing a hymn to him and he broke down told us that he has a lot of pain because his mother passed away and he would like us to visit him.  Never had that happen before but that's the power that the sisters have, they sing a song for someone and they want to listen to the gospel.  We tried it and we almost broke the windows, so no more singing for us. We help the Orduñas every week with something.  It will be great for them when their house is done.  Love you all

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