Sunday, January 12, 2014


I received a beautiful email from Grace with a sweet song.  I love these nice reminders of home and appreciate everyone's emails (although more is better hint, hint).  Anyway, I hope you love Grace's song as much as I did.  

 The field is ready to be harvested because now in this time more than any other in the history of the world we have the means of speaking and influencing more people in so many different ways.  It is also true that the missionaries of today have far more preparation than missionaries of past generations, especially with seminary, institute, and other classes of preparation that we receive.  So help the missionaries by praying for opportunities and being aware of opportunities. The 1st presidency has said that if the members work hard at asking for the guidance to talk with others, that we will each find the way suited to us in order to find and offer the knowledge that we have.  The main thing is that we try to offer the joy and knowledge that we have with others, not everyone who we feel is ready or who we are told to speak with will accept our invitation, they have been given their agency the same as us, but we will be able to feel more strongly the spirit and be able to more quickly recognize when we are being prompted to say something or share an experience to help others "come unto Christ." There are people out there that are seeking for something better in their lives and I can tell you that they will find it in our church.  If you are one of those that are looking for something different, please email me!  I would love to tell you what I am doing and how it will make you happier and fill that empty void.  

The week was good, happy that finally all the festivities are over so that everyone goes back to being normal so we don´t have to deal with all the noise and such. The Orduña family is doing great,  Jorgé received the priesthood yesterday so we´re hoping that he´ll be able to pass the sacrament next Sunday.  We have found a few new families this week to visit and one that is progressing rather well, hopefully they can feel the strength of our message and can be baptized in the coming weeks.  

Con amo,

Elder Bandy

P.S.  For Mason, have patience and don't stop learning and when the time comes you will breeze through the steps in the gospel.  Be faithful to what you know is true and then you have to choose for yourself.

A cool Pesebre (manger) in one of the villages.

A new area we are helping in.

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