Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The week was great.  The sad part was that we had to leave a few families because they weren't progressing and weren't ready at this time.  Which is always hard for us. But we have to have faith at times to leave families so that you can find the ones that are prepared.  We wanted to make the baptisms a little more special so we printed out programs which we have every week at home but they do without here since ink is a lot more expensive.  We also talked with the youth in the ward and organized them into a choir in order to have something a little extra during the program.  We were going to have a baby shower for a sister on Friday but she had to travel so the funds for the baby shower were given to the baptism, so we also got to have cake and soda. We explained to them that this is not normal nor should it be considered as such.  But it was a special night for the branch since we don't have 8 baptisms every night or month.  But yes we had the baptisms and it was great. I was able to baptize Jose Diaz and his son Deivi (Davy).  Jose has had some problems in his life and so he doesn't  smile a lot but he was a lit up after and it was great to see how he was just happy to have the opportunity of being baptized.  We had testimonies after with the families and it was a great experience as always to let the families give their testimonios to show how they appreciate the gospel that they have earned and learned about.  We are working this month to find more people to teach and we are hoping for 2 baptisms this week and 3 the following week, but we are going to be working diligently with them to make sure everyone is ready.


Funny story of the day.  Elder Guajardo and I were visiting a family yesterday and he tried to sit in a little kids chair so that an investigator could have the big one, but it was a little to small so he tried to stand up and it was stuck to him.  I thought it was hilarious but he didn't think so until after.

We are still helping out with the house for the Orduña family and that's going good.  We got the roof on so we just have to get the floor finished.

 I got the snow pics but they people down here have television so they see the snow when the movies have snow, so they aren't very surprised but it was nice to have them.

 I was going to surprise you that I was learning to play the violin but the president says that it's a distraction to have an instrument in the house so they're taking it from me until I come home, so no more violin.  Was going to practice it and play it when I got home but oh well. 

Have a very Merry Christmas.  Please email me and send me some news from home.  You can email  me at   Tell me why you love Christmas.  I'm so happy that I can be a missionary like Jesus and teach those that are looking to change their lives.  I'm blessed to be with these wonderful people and to be able to help them build houses and see that in their humble environment that they are happy and are seeking to be more Christlike.  They are so kind and generous to me.


Elder Bandy

P.S.  Mallory can visit the Jom of Elder Bandy whenever she wants, so long as she brings Elder Bandy dulces.


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