Sunday, December 8, 2013


We finished moving in on Monday and that was a chore. I will post pictures of the new place.  It is a lot better and has less critters.   We still have a lot of things that we need for the house but it's coming together nicely.  
Outside of our building
Bathroom and suitcases/dresser

We have a balcony!

Study area/kitchen

Our sink and stove and ironing board.

The week was uneventful. We did a lot of teaching this week.  We are going to be working more this week on finding new people to teach so that we can start having the area progress more rapidly.  We are doing service for the Familia Orduña.  They are investigators who are getting married on Friday.  They are building a new addition on to their house so we're helping them with that.  It's a little different than a house where we need to put on a foundation and everything.  Here they just start building and fix it as they go.  But we'll be doing that this week on and off to help them out.  The sister of Esmeralda (Hma. Orduña) is going to be living in the addition with her daughters so we are helping so they can move in sooner.

We are having the weddings of the Ordunña and Diaz families this Friday but the baptisms are set for the 14th.  We are working on having a couple other families ready for baptism this week and the next.  This month is going to be super great for us if we remain strong and obedient.  The families Diaz and Orduña are getting baptized the 14,  the sister of Esmeralda and her daughter the 21st and Lizette the 21st as well.  We are working on the family of Lizette so that they can be baptized with her. They need to get married as well, but they are coming around little by little and really appreciate the lessons and the teachings that we bring.  We are also working with a couple Jury and Jadirson.  They are super nice people and they need to get married as well but Jury told us that she wants to get married so she can get baptized so we just need to animar (encourage) Jadirson to do it so they can get baptized together.  We're going to work on the 28th for them so they can join before the New Year.  I'm looking forward to a year from now when I can go to the temple with all of them to help them get sealed that would be great.

 2 investigators that I was teaching in Florida emailed me and said they got baptized.  Yay, so happy for them!

                         Nuestras metas y actuales para este cambio.
                   (Our schedule and goals)
Iguana in a tree
The zone,  Elder gonzalez in the center went home on Thursday.  Finished his 2 years strong.

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