Sunday, September 29, 2013


Elder Coronel, Isabel and Me
The best experience this week was the baptism we had for Isabel, I got to perform the ordinance and so it was somewhat nerve wracking but I managed to do it without messing up.   I was nervous for the first 20 seconds or so, but I did it all correctly the first time which is great that I could make it a great experience for her. But she is just the sweetest person, always wanting to cook things for us and she gives us candy too. We had a good turn out of members and the talks were well prepared for her.  I  was super excited all day for the baptism that I didn't pack all the things I would need, such as a towel, change of clothes, etc...  I only brought my white clothes.  But its an experience to learn from.  We also got two great references from our members this week which makes all the difference.  In this area all the baptisms in the past 3 months have been references.  The people we meet in the street are great, but when an investigator has the support of a member it really opens doors for the spirit to testify.  The people that we've  met were hoping to have a baptism for them in the final week of the transfer.  We are hoping for about 5 or 6 in the next 3 weeks, so keep our gators in your prayers.  

Otherwise the English classes that I teach are going okay but because of the baptisms the past 2 weeks we haven't had the English classes but its going to be a good week for them this week. 

As for the language I say I'm maybe at about 30% and that may be pushing it.  There are still so many blank spaces for me.  But we had a lesson the other night and it was great, I understood and could respond to everything, it really makes a difference if the spirit is there or not.  When I have the spirit in a lesson I can hear and understand the lesson and words without having to even think of them, 

The weather here was about 60 degrees all week with only a little rain so nothing like Juneau, Alaska.

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