Sunday, September 15, 2013






This week was pretty good for us. We managed to overcome our goal for lessons thanks to our members who are super ready to help us out with anything.  We didn't have many investigators this week or I should say lessons with them this week because most of them went out of town for the big soccer game.  It was between Ecuador and Colombia. Colombia won!   The best part of the week was the lesson Ayer con Hmo. Henau.  We taught Jose and he has a lot of problems with drugs right now, but he is really wanting to change his life and we taught a lesson for about an hour which I thought was the longest thing in the world, but he was super willing to do anything to turn his life around.  We told him that we were going to set up an appointment with the bishop to help him out and just as we walk out the door the bishop is standing there ready to knock on it.  Elder Coronel and I had been on a short split so he had found the bishop about 5 or 6 minutes earlier and had told him to come over and talk to Jose.  The hand of the Lord in all things, I'm telling you.  As for transfers, I am still in Suba Rincon, Jordan 2 Ward.  But Elder Zamorano was transferred to another area in Bogata Acerca de las Oficinas.  But he is super excited to leave he´s been here for about 6 months.  I'm hoping that after this transfer I can go somewhere else.  I find that 2 transfers is enough time in one place for me.  As for the English class I THINK we´re going to have another class with the Elders in Jordan 1 to help them out with their stuff as well since I¨m the only one that can speak English.  Great transfer we had about 150 lessons total.  So to my brothers in Florida this is the difference when you get to be surrounded by Hispanos.  So its not you, its the area. 
Love you all.

Elder Bandy

For my cousin Shawna, ENSERIO!!!!!   Por supuesto es después que yo llegué acá en Colombia, pero enserio, cada cosa pasa cuando yo salgo la país.  por lo tonto,  voy a regresar a la casa cuando el niño tiene casi un año.  Felicitaciones!   I'm writing her in Spanish so that she will have to work for the message.  

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