Sunday, October 6, 2013


Plantanos and Grenadines are two of the fruits that I love here!

Soccer is most definitely the most played sport here and I do not play it very often.  First because  I still hate running and second because the field that we play at with the other missionaries is super far away.   

As for this week we had our zone conference which was great.  We found a new family Edison and his kids are the nephew of one of our members and he is wanting to change his life. He saw the change in his uncle and so he wants the same.  Also really cool was that Sunday a member from another zone came to visit some friends and brought them to church and they were like we love this church, can you come visit us this week so we can learn more.  I was silent for a good 15-20 seconds because I had to wrap my head around what they said.  I almost didn't understand since Elder Coronel was talking with another investigator so it was me by my lonesome  but I heard right and we have a cita (visit) this week with them.  I'm hoping that we have greater success this week and that we can soften the hearts of the people here so that they can recognize us and this gospel as being sent from our  loving Heavenly Father.  

I finally got a whole lot of letters when we had our Zone conference,  So I got to feel all the love from the letters you all sent back in July and August.  All the letters that I received I opened only 1 every night so that they would last for more than minutes.  But still they are all opened now.

I love being a missionary.  I love what I teach! 

Some of our basic beliefs.

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