Sunday, September 22, 2013

I AM A CHILD OF GOD....and so are you!

We have a baptism for Isabel this Saturday, she has her interview tomorrow and then we have the week to prepare everything,  I´m not sure if I get to baptize her or Elder Coronel, but it doesn't matter to me.  It's our investigator and so we both get to share in the joy of the moment.  We also found a couple of families this week.  One family, Oscar and Katie, are super nice.  Katie has had some trouble with her children in the past but we were able to teach a little about the plan of salvation with them and it really brought the light in their eyes.  My English class is OK   I think that I´m going to be teaching an English class in my area and in the other elders area as well since I´m the only English speaking person in the area.  Also the other Elders had a baptism with Cesar, finally, on Saturday.  It was a great experience, even though he isn't in my area, I still consider him one of my investigators since Elder Coronel and I taught him when the other Elders had other appointments to go to.  He´s the same age as Jamie and after this year he wants to serve a mission  (to Chicago, wink wink).  But it really was a great conversion story for him.  He just  walked into the chapel one day and asked what we believed and we took it from there.  It took him 6 weeks to be baptized but that is a miracle in itself when all our members tell us it took many of them months and months or years to be baptized. But overall it was a great week here in Colombia.    I am a Child of God! 

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