Friday, August 8, 2014


In the zone!
My comp photo bombed me!
Oscar's Baptism!
In this area it is more about helping people where we can, you know, doing small favors, helping with groceries, etc...  Just so that the people recognize that we aren't going to force ourselves on them, but we always leave a small message that will hopefully get them thinking about the gospel or a small aspect of it so that if they see us in the future it isn't awkward or they don´t feel ashamed or feel forced to talk with us again. 
The Robles baptism.  Family I was teaching in my last area!!!

Me with my comp, who is super focused on writing in his journal

My comp and I knew each other from our time in Barranca, and I was happy to be able to work with him.  He´s from Peru, Lima to be more precise and he´s pretty chill, we get along great and we have a lot of fun.  The new area is good, but I miss the Colombian wards. This ward has too many gringos in it.  It makes me feel weird.

I've been trying to figure out how to go about making some beef sandwiches,  They don´t have pre-sliced beef like Portillos or Michaels, so I´m working on finding somewhere that will at least slice it nice and thin for me.  

Me in my new red Colombian Jersey

The District

But we did have an interesting day on Thursday.  After being told that the work we did for the past 2 weeks wasn't  necessary we went to the 3rd floor to meet with the Immigration Officer who would decide if we as missionaries would be allowed to stay in the country or if we would have to leave and come back with new visa statements, which if that happened I think I would have just asked to go to Mexico for the next 6 months since I don´t need a Visa to be in Mexico for that period of time and call it good.  But we went down and met him and watched a really really old video about what missionaries do.  So after that we didn't  hear anything until the next day when Br. Mauricio came in and told us that we were clear as far as visas went but that we now had to do a separate actualization of the archives for the mission in order to get them ready for an inspection we´re going to have on the 10th-12th.  That´ll be fun.  Otherwise we went to a few places today to buy souvenirs, I bought a new Colombian jersey that I liked, I´ll attach a photo.  And then we bought some stuffs and I think next week or the week after we´re going to go to the Gold museum and then the Emerald Museum.  Sounds interesting to me.  Love to all!
Birthdays for sisters Otero and CarriĆ³n

My first companion Elder Coronel

District in our full unchecked glory

My mema and papa sent me a bunch of stuff for Secretary's Day. 
Beautiful tree

Metal Horse

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