Monday, July 28, 2014


The new assignment is okay I do enjoy it, but it´s a little time-consuming and I usually don´t finish all my work until about 7 at night, so it doesn't really leave time to go out and talk to people since our area is about 30 minutes from the office.   I´ll probably be here until November, but I think until midway through December. So my last 3-4 months will be in the field. That´s what I think based upon how long past secretaries have been here and what president has told me. 

I've been hearing that you've been having a scorching summer out there, but maybe it´s just in other parts of the states, down here unless it's a gringo, they think that the states are just right next to each other and what happens in one is what´s happening in all of them.

I made a couple cakes this week for Birthdays, one of which was sugar-free for a sister that can´t have sugar, it turned out okay, she told me it was good, but I thought it tasted funny, but it´s probably the difference of regular sugar and a substitute. But my comps made another pizza today, we did a chicken fettuccine pizza, using fettuccine sauce instead of tomato sauce and it came out pretty good, even though it was probably 5 time worse for you than regular pizza. 

I´m not really sure how to go about giving a testimony on-line.  It reminds me of what Moroni says in Ether 12:23, 25 and what Nephi says in 2 Nephi 33:4, both of which speak of how as messengers or servants of the Lord we are given the gift and the right to speak by his holy spirit, but when we write, even though it be a pure testimony, many times it is esteemed as merely words on a page or words written to justify what one thinks.  But as the Lord has said in 2 Nephi 29: 11-13, that he commands us to write his word as we are moved upon the spirit and this word will be given to others as a testimony of the goodness and glory of God.  

So here´s the testimony and not the preacher´s sermon:

     The glory of going on a mission is that you have to find your own testimony immediately, even better is do  what Elder Holland says "If you have a small testimony, a large testimony, or only a somewhat testimony, hold to it will all the energy of your soul until it has blossomed and grown to be as unshakable as your diligence allows, and if necessary use my testimony to strengthen your own until yours is strong enough to weather what may come."  I find that in the mission many missionaries have their own testimonies and have used these testimonies as a barrier to avoid temptation or to clarify the beliefs that we as members have.  But the majority have what Elder Holland called a medium testimony.  Which is the knowledge that the church is indeed true, that Joseph Smith did indeed see God, the Father, and the Son, Jesus Christ.  Many even have the assurance of knowing that we are guided and directed by a living prophet today, but what they lack and what we all lack at one point is the diligent action of putting into practice this testimony is truly the difference between the power that any apostle, prophet or true member has and the power that a member who occasionally reads the scriptures, prays at times when they feel the desire, and attends church maybe every week but only for obligation and not out of true desire to show our Heavenly Father that we are willing to be obedient out of devotion and love.  I have learned that when someone gives a testimony it is in order to proclaim what they believe to be the truth, but a testimony of conversion is when the actions of one allow us to see the testimony in their eyes, their bearing and in how they proclaim this testimony.  I know that the Gospel is a powerful force in the world, that invites all to be better, not because we are living wrong or because we are horrible people, but because by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that has been restored to the earth once more, we are invited to work and hope for a better life, to receive a better life that is based  on the fullness of what was taught us by Jesus Christ.  This is a gospel of change and invites us to do so in order to obtain eternal life and the promise that all doubts, fears, pains and sufferings that we must pass through for being in this life, are not to degrade us or to tell us that this is the most for which we can accomplish or hope, but that by passing through these trials and tribulations and living the gospel of Christ will enable us to move forward with the steadfast hope and faith that has marked the true followers of Christ since the days of our first father Adam.  This I know and I share in the name of our savior, my redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!!!

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