Thursday, August 21, 2014


The Gomez Family
I got called to be the district leader (leader of the missionaries in my area) again, which I´m really happy about that, I love interacting with the missionaries in that calling, it´s more fun than being a zone leader, even though I do miss having lunch at the beginning of every month with president because it´s always super good gringo food, but I´m in Bogota, so it´s not hard to find good food.   I had a meeting with all the new missionaries and that is always good, I got to tell them how to use their cards, how to keep a basic budget and then what to do if something happens, and I was allowed to talk to them a bit in English, but that didn't help some of them since they don´t speak it.  We did have one good lesson this week with a reference from a member in another ward. We talked to him about the priesthood, how it was restored and by having it we are allowed to be sealed to our families.  It was somewhat difficult because many people don´t understand the great apostasy.   I´m just happy to be able to be more proactive in the meetings, giving capitations and whatnot.   I still enjoy working for the president and doing this assignment, but it only makes me realize what life is going to be like after the mission, I´m going to want to be a part of the work at home, but with work, school and other obligations, the time to truly dedicate myself to the work, will be fairly limited in what I can do to participate.  The missionary work is harder, but it is far more rewarding and the process is fairly simple.  The mission has been up to this point probably the fastest part of my life.  There are those moments when it slows down, but the time is flying, and I´m loving every moment of it.

It´s probably really hot there, really, I have no idea how to handle temperature change anymore, it´s the same climate from one month to the next without any variation, so I don't remember how to go about that, but I´ll remember it really fast when I get home. 
Me after playing soccer.


Elder Alzamora doesn't like his Ice-cream

Sister Mantilla she just went home.

All the missionaries that went home except for me and my comp.

The district

Juan Carlos the birthday boy

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