Sunday, August 31, 2014


The Elders in the Taxi!
We couldn't see Hugo this week because he was traveling. Alfonso is going to be blessing the sacrament for the first time on Sunday so that´s a big milestone.  The Lopez´s are doing great, Juan Jose had his birthday today, but we´re going to go over there tomorrow to celebrate, so I have to make another cake or something to take over.  In the house we all cook, at times one will make something for all of us, but usually we just cook for ourselves.  The general rule for cleaning is if you got it dirty you clean it, but if they don´t clean it within 20 minutes I get OCD and clean it, so at times some missionaries take advantage of that since I can´t study if the house isn't clean (not like OCD but I don´t like it when I go to get a glass or a fork and they´re all dirty).

As for the week, it was a good week, got a lot done.  On Sunday we got to go the house of the Dossett's to have Dinner.  We had pulled pork with Idaho potatoes, baguettes and other assorted goodies.  But the best part was the root-beer floats.  I had to have had at least 5-6 cups, just because they kept asking if I wanted more, and since it´s the first time having root beer in over a year I had as much as my stomach would allow me.  I ate way more than I normally do, but it was good home cooked american food, so I couldn't help myself.

Birthday Celebration.

I had my audits on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I didn´t really do anything because the brother showed up to start it and we talked with him and President Andelin about everything he gave me a list of stuff to look for and left for the day to do something else.  So I spent the day doing normal things.  On Tuesday when we got to the office I had to make some trips to send some stuff and to pay for some things and then we started the actual audit.  He checked records for the houses that we have as well as all the withdrawals that the past secretaries have made with a few of mine.  He told me a few things that I have to do to better the records and things that other secretaries have done or not done that I have to now do or not do.  The audit though gave me at least 2-3 weeks of solid work to try and get the records up to snuff for future audits in case someone comes that isn't part of the church to look at or revise our files. 

On Thursday I had interchanges with some elders in my district and it was a lot of fun.  I talked with some of their investigators and they are working well.  I had 2 baptismal interviews and after we had our inventory.  It made me a little trunky because one of the elders, Elder Carriel, was saying that they were just taking my lead all day because I have more experience and time.  He said, "You have more time in the mission than the 2 of us put together" which is true since Elder Veliz and Carriel have 9 and 3 or 10 and 4 respectively. So I do have more time than them. So him telling me that made me a little trunky and made me realize how much time has already past in the mission.  18  months in 2 weeks.  It´s going by fast. 

My office space after the audit, it was super messy (kind of still is).

The Dosset´s house where we had gringo lunch (super good)

I made a cake for Elder Carballo´s BIrthday

Elder Hicken and I in front of the big Catholic Church

Today we went out and bought some ties and I bought some suspenders for when we go to meetings.  Not necessarily because I like them, but in Bogota, if we use suits, then we´re allowed to use suspenders or belts.  So for when we have big meetings, I´m going with the suspenders.  We also bought matching ties for when we go to meetings, just to have some fun.  I made some of Memaw´s little hot-dogs, since I stole the crock-pot from the assistant´s house while they were on Interchanges. They came out okay, but I didn´t have Honey BBQ or Grape Jelly.  So I had to make do with Honey Mustard BBQ and Strawberry Jelly. I still think that Memaw´s are better.  I´m also going to finish making some Cinnamon Rolls tonight, since I finally got the recipe from Sister Andelin.  :)  But otherwise everything is going well

P.S.   I didn´t even know that Allison was pregnant again, I suppose it would had to have happened at least 9 months ago, but no one tells me these things, that´s probably why I haven´t received an email in a while, 1) she's probably somewhat hormonal and doesn't want to talk to me, 2) having a baby with 2 other children and a studying husband is also very stressful and busy and 3) Just because I´m forgotten and no one loves me  :p, but really congrats to Alison (and to Cody, but mostly to Alison) for the new addition to the family.  Wow we´re getting big fast aren't we.  Congratulations on having baby Nash Cody Anderson!  

Photo: My new nephew!!!! I love him so much and I haven't even met him yet!!!  7lbs and 4ounces! 20 1/4 inches!

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