Saturday, September 20, 2014


Double shot caramel frappachino or Hot chocolate

On Sunday we got to go the house of the Dossett's to have Dinner.  We had pulled pork with Idaho potatoes, baguettes and other assorted goodies.  But the best part was the root-beer floats.  I had to have had at least 5-6 cups, just because they kept asking if I wanted more, and since it´s the first time having root beer in over a year I had as much as my stomach would allow me.  I ate way more than I normally do, but it was good home cooked American food, so I couldn´t help myself.

Celebrating 18 months

Matching ties and suspenders.  We look good!
Here are the matching suspenders and ties that we bought.

The District!
I found a Chipotle here and it´s actually cheaper than in the states so that´s really nice.

We did get a new investigator called Fernanca, she´s 22.  Hoping she progresses and can do it on her own to make her stronger.  (Strange saying that, I was 22 when I left).  So say prayers for her and Hugo, Alfonso, and Jose Francisco. 

Today we went to the emerald museum, but I wasn´t happy because they didn´t let us take pictures, but in a room about the size of the upstairs they had a net worth of at least $5-10 million dollars in emeralds, which judging by their size you would have thought less.  But it was really cool.  Colombians emeralds are the most famous in the world.  They are the largest emerald producer...about 55%.

Elder Blotter, Me , Elder Hicken, Elder Heyes and Elder Alzamora
Emerald Museum
The Assistants apartment

Cinnamon Rolls that I will never make again.

All of our Hot Chocolates

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