Friday, July 11, 2014


Me, Sawyer, Carballo, Alzamora, and Warren enjoying our Chicago style pizza
This week was pretty good.  I had to work on sending over 100 missionaries to other parts of the country for transfers so that was interesting trying to help the assistants to coordinate that. I work in the offices of the mission all day helping all the missionaries get the funds that they need, be it medical, housing, food, or other miscellaneous items.   I still go on exchanges but with my District Leader.  I´m not a zone leader or district leader now so I just go on normal exchanges.  But the Spanish is OK, it´s getting a little worse I think in the offices since all the assistants are almost required to be able to speak English and Spanish since at times we have to call people in the states to do something.  But I use it everyday with the other missionaries and the people here in Bogota.  But I´m happy with how the mission is going for now, I don´t get out of the offices a whole lot, but once I get the hang of it, I´ll be able to find the time to get out and teach more.  I also got to speak in the zone leader council about what announcements I wanted them to tell their districts.   The days are going by pretty fast.  When you do the same thing over and over the time just goes by differently.


Goose Egg from playing soccer.

We played soccer today and that was fun,  

I´m just happy to be out exercising.

As for the pizza, I did make my pizza and it was actually rather good, even though it wasn't real Chicago pizza it came out rather well. Everyone was trying to rob each other to have more. At least I now know how to make it. 

Elder Warren making his Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp
Chicago pizza
Elder Sawyer taking pics of us making the dough.

Making the dough for the Pizza

 I love the new apartment, it´s a little harder to keep clean but it has an oven and a microwave and so that makes up for everything, oh and it has 2 couches, so that´s great.  In the apartment for now there are 5 of us, but usually it´s only 4.

 A less active that I reactivated in Duitama gave me his suit as a going away present and it fits pretty good, so I have that now so I don't have to buy another suit.  

Read about 1/2 way down in our DVD manual.  Very interesting.

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