Sunday, November 24, 2013


Metal sculpture of Jesus by refineries

Metal sculpture of birds

Metal sculpture by refinery

View from the backyard of a member
Metal lizard

FIRST  I NEED TO THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG.  I'VE HAD OVER 4,000 HITS!  I feel so loved.  In Colombia you have to pay for the internet but it's only like a dollar for an hour or two.  It's not very expensive.  This week we visited a lot of people.  Had a lot of lessons and now we have this week to work.  The End!  Just kidding!

More missionaries
Recent baptism
We worked a lot with a new family the Pastranos who have 3 kids at the age to be baptized and who are super open to the talks we´re giving them.  The husband can´t attend church because he works Sundays, but he´s going to be changing jobs soon and will be able to attend,  hooray.  But his oldest daughter Lizette is attending regularly so she's the pioneer of the family.  The family Orduña is still going strong and is really excited to be members.  We are still working with Olga and her son Audi to help them grow closer and to help Audi overcome his addictions but it's slow going, he has a lot of problems and the addictions are strong.  As for the members,  we had a great week with them. The hermana Magola brought us 4 references yesterday that we are going to visit this week with her.  She is always helping us out with everything.   The best part of the week was when we passed by a house and a joven (young adult) came out to greet us and said that we always passed by and he wants to learn about the church.  Also when we were with the family Martinez,  we learned that the 2 jovenes (young adults) in the family also want to attend church and learn more of what we believe.    

Our new home isn't going to have air conditioning  :(  because the president doesn't want to pay for it.  But it is super expensive to have air conditioning. We are moving because the contract with the house we have is expiring.  The new house is a lot nicer and no it doesn't have any bugs in it thank goodness, but I can just buy a can of raid at Jumbo if I need it.  I spend my money on food,  food is expensive here especially cheese.  It's like 20 bucks for a small block of cheese, so I don´t buy cheese anymore,  but milk is relatively inexpensive,  I get like 3-4 gallons for like 8 bucks so that's not bad.
Dog of member

I´m starting to really love this area and the people that it offers me to know and find. 
Baby alligator
My friend Pablo

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