Sunday, November 10, 2013



Siempre (Always) it's hot like the desert here but its pretty good.   I´m in Barranca-bermeja which is about 10 hours by bus from Bogota.  The people are super friendly and here apparently someone that has skin like mine is considered "bonito"  which is rather flattering but I´m on a mission and its usually only the old ladies that say it so......   But as for the church I´m in a branch.   As for the mail it still gets sent to the office so that the president can send it out to us when we have conferences.  The church is about the same distance but there really isn´t transportation out here so we get to hoof it all week.  As for our area its about the 4 times bigger than my last area, hotter, and hillier, but I'm starting to love it here.  (Not the heat, never going to love the heat, but everything else, sí).  We didn´t get hardly any rain this week, it only rains at night and for about 15 minutes so no help there.
Lets see this week we did a lot of walking....A lot.   Out area is super, super big, it takes almost 40 minutes to walk from an investigators house to ours so every night we get home pretty late.  Also here the roads are like Memaws and Papas so all dirt and rocks which means my shoes are dirty everyday.  But the people here are super open and we can talk with just about everyone.  Not everyone wants to take discussions but it's a step up that I can talk with the people about the gospel and not have them just walk away without saying anything.

We finally got to perform service this week as well.  We helped move a member to another house and then we helped a less active member start to take down a house.  Yes, we are dismantling a house to make room for another one.  Hopefully the new one will be better because the other was ewww.   But its nice to do service.




We found a few new people to teach 2-3 families which it's always better to teach families since they can support one another and it's just better to have a family in the church.  We have one family Orduña that is super ready to be baptized they just  need to get married so we´re working on that.  We are teaching a lady named Rosa.  She is super sweet and she really wants to be baptized as well, we just need another week or 2 to teach her all the lessons and she´ll be ready to go on in the gospel.

We didn´t find any other monkeys or anything this week so no new photos of the wildlife but I´m going to try and get a picture of one of the lizards here, they are huge.  We had a couple family home evenings this week and its always nice to have one of those with the members especially on a Monday night to finish the day strong.  Here the members have the family home evening in the home of the investigator so maybe that's something that you can suggest to the missionaries that perhaps some members can go the home of an investigator to have a family home evening.  It's always more interesting than a lesson from the missionaries and it helps to build friendships in the church.  Otherwise that's about it this week.

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