Sunday, November 3, 2013


Me and some random Monkey

I got transferred  on Thursday so I am not in Bogota anymore, I am in Barranca which is the hottest part of the country,  I'm going to be dying for the next 3-4 months while I¨m here. Pray that the Lord will put a cloud over me the whole time.    

Colleges here apparently are cheap.  It's like $6,000 for a good one.  I know random thought.
The city behind me.
 So I am now the Senior Companion so I have to learn how to do that.  I also need to figure out this area.  It's crazy hot here and I need to learn  how to get around. The accent here is different and the people have different customs but I should get the hang of it pretty quickly.  I feel that the English is going away but it could just be this keyboard.  Elder Coronel and I found a family the other night that are super awesome and while they weren't  super excited when we started talking to them they opened up and said they would love to have us visit them.  We found another couple an hour later that told us the same thing and I could understand them so I knew they weren´t making up stories but were truly interested in talking to us.  We found a  lady mas tarde que nos queria to teach  a class to her and some friends that have a Bible study class.  We had a really great beginning of the week.  And then I got transferred and we have to start from practically scratch. but if we have success it will be  because we are working hard and if the Lord wants to give us the success that we deserve we will be thankful. 

I´m with Elder Guajardo now and he is a recent convert to the church as well.  He´s from Chile and has 4 months in the mission but he understands the lessons very well so I don´t have to teach him much. Just how to be obedient and how to be a missionary of success.  We have a few families that were given us by the last group of missionaries that are progressing. We just need to help them with the matrimony problem.  But that's a problem with a lot here as well as at home, so I'm not too perturbed by that anymore.  Its practically standard at this point when we find a couple.

I taught a lesson in Gospel Principles on Sunday.  I need to keep improving on my Spanish. I received mail from a lot of people and I have pictures of some of it.  Thanks everyone for the pictures and letters.  I'm so far from home and that brings you closer to me!  Below is a picture of my study area and wonderful letters from kids at home.   

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