Friday, January 16, 2015


The week is going good,  My replacements are arriving on Saturday so that´ll be great and  I´ll be training them the following week.  I believe that I´ll be leaving from the office the 26-27 of January depending on what president wants me to do before I leave.  So that´ll be nice, get out in the field and do normal missionary work.

The other missionaries aren´t calling me a short timer, just an old timer.  I´m now officialLy the "oldest" missionary in the field with those of my group and the oldest gringo in the group.  So that´s kind of sad.  

I went to the Larson´s in the afternoon to eat lunch, which was chili dogs, so no complaining there.  President Andelin invited us to go to breakfast at his house and we ate bacon with pancakes, so also no complaining.  Hmmmm. Bacon.  

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