Saturday, September 27, 2014


The Dossett Twins

Rubiella before her baptism

The mission is fun, not really sure what I´m going to do when I get back, it´s going to be weird, you get used to the mission and you don´t really want to get on with the “real-life.”   The Dossett twins got baptized this week.  Their dad is a pilot  for the embassy.  He took us to the Marriott for lunch!  Rubiella got baptized this week.  As I was interviewing her she asked if I would baptize her.  YES!  Of course I will!  

The yellow fruit is called Pitaya (Pee-Thai-ya) and it´s really good,
but you can´t eat a lot  because it´s a natural diarretic.
Elder Hicken with his Sushi.

Desserts from our Lunch at the Marriot

More food my comp got that looked good
 This week we drove missionaries to the airport and picked them up.  We got back to the apartment about 3:30 am and so I was tired the rest of the day.  But I didn't get trunky (this is what missionaries refer to as ready to go home feeling) being at the airport and seeing them go home.  Two of the missionaries lost their flights so we had to go back and pick them up so went to Crepes & Waffles.  I got 2 chocolate Pancakes with some chocolate milk, don´t know why, but early in the morning I have a sweet tooth.

Pictures of the district before the changes that happen on Monday.
Elder Alzamora and Elder Muñoz

  Oh I also talked with President about the finances a few days back and he asked me “ Elder Bandy, usted tiene sólo dos cambios aquí, no? I had to say that yes, and me dijo, “bien, bien, entonces le tengo aquí por 2 cambios más al menos.”  I still have things to organize and get ironed out.  Also we have a new competition in the mission to memorize scriptures and a hymn before the next conference, and if we do we can get up to 3 brownies, but big brownies.  We get 1 for doing it in Spanish or English, the other for memorizing in the other language and a third one if we can do it in Portuguese.  That last one is going to be difficult, but I like brownies so….just let you figure out where that´s going. 

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