Thursday, August 1, 2013

MY OWN MTC! Don't miss it!

So I have my own MTC...okay Mallycat Tabernacle Choir hence MTC.  These cute kids put this video together and emailed it to me.  It made my week that they would take the time to do this and really uplift me.  I wonder how many times they had to sing this to get it so great.  I love to watch each of their faces.  You can see the testimony they have of this!  This is an example of why I love what I am doing.  



So as you know, I am heading to Colombia tomorrow (Monday).  I don't have much to say this week as I am trying to repack my suitcases and send a bunch of stuff home because I will be leaving Tallahassee.  I am excited for Tallahassee.  We have a lot of new investigators and wished that I could have finished in that area at least through transfers.  However, I am heading to where I am suppose to be.  Notice the change in my address to the right side.  As always, you can email me at  Adios!

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