Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hola Familia and Amigos,

I'm hoping this video works.  I have a special video to share with you next week but I'm not sure with my limited internet access if I can download a video. 

So this week first a bit of exciting news, I have my Visa.  My buddy Elder Peterson is going to Colombia as well and he found out that he had received his so I called to see about mine and voila it was in the office as well, so I will be leaving with him on Monday to go to Colombia.  We are both super excited to be able to get out and go to the country.  On Sunday we met a friend of Hma. Tu and her friend's husband is from Colombia and after talking to him we both were super excited for when we would be able to go down and start partaking in the culture and furthering the work.  I was hoping that I would be able to finish the transfer here before going down there but I guess that it just isn't going to be that way. 

This week in Tallahassee we have been a little high on miles on the car this month so we've been riding bikes a lot which I am not very enthused about, since I despise riding bikes, but it's a good thing for me.  Gets me in shape for when I get to Colombia. We did about 20-25 miles on Friday, which I did not thoroughly enjoy at all.  Mostly because the streets we took felt as though it was one giant hill after another.  We met a few new people this week thanks to being on our bikes and hopefully we'll be able to find some hidden gems this week as well. Our one family that is super solid (Katy, Alberto, and Kimberly) are all super excited about the church and Alberto is already talking about going and serving on a mission.  We haven't even finished teaching all the lessons yet!  But we have a lesson with them on Tuesday and we're going to be setting a baptism date with them at that time.  We also found out that Katy's husband, Alex, has been eavesdropping on our lessons without us knowing, so he's getting really interested in the church as well.  Minon had surgery on her foot and leg on Wednesday so we went over to her house on Tuesday and gave her a blessing.  She was really appreciative and we even let her know that we would be setting a baptism date with her this week, which she said would be great.  So that's another investigator that we're really having high hopes for. 


So does our ward have 2 sets of missionaries now?

We're seeing some great strides being made in the area now and I'm hoping that once I leave that the work will keep getting better and better. So to all my Amigos, miembros de mi distrito en el CCM y sudamerica.  aqui vengo.

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