Saturday, August 24, 2013


This past week was pretty good.  Isabel still has a baptismal date for the end of the month.  Miguel had some complication with his heart so we haven´t seen him for a while.  We found a family, Jacquelyn and Reuben who are really awesome and have so many questions for us.   We had interviews with the President this week but since I've only been here for like 3 weeks it was a really short interview.  My companion and I afterwards were tested on our English, I´m happy to say that I passed.  We had about 5 investigators at the church this Sunday which is great because it means they have interest in progressing.  As for the English classes every week we have a very charming lady come in and we get to teach her  a lesson every week.  She is super interested in the church and I´m hoping that the missionaries in her area can help her to be baptized.  As for Jacquelyn and Reuben after teaching them about the mandate of the apostles she keeps calling us that.  In her prayers that we have had with her, she keeps saying "thank you for sending these apostles to guide us" its something we need to work on, but for now its pretty funny.  We had the opportunity today to go play soccer with our zone and had a couple of our investigators come with us. I got to meet Cesar who is an investigator of the other elders,  he is super cool and he brought a friend in the hopes that we can start teaching him as well.  The best part for us this week was that we got to meet this really cool taxi driver who showed us how to fix the suspension on the taxis down here.  The engines down here look really weird compared to the ones at home.  But he was super chill. Well the plus side is that there is a golf course right next to the apartment so next P-day we get to go and play golf, so super excited for that.

As for Colombia,  its pretty good, I've only been robbed once which means I got that out of the way for the rest of my mission.  Its fine he only took 2 mil, which is like a dollar in the states.  As for food, one of our investigators made us a meal of soup, salad, tres leches cake and.....Fish.  And not fish from home, this fish still had the head.  I didn't want to offend her so I had to eat it.  It was probably the best fish I've ever had in my life.  I didn't eat the head (sorry but there is a line for what I will eat after only being here for 3 weeks) and I would definitely eat the fish again.  I don´t know what was different about this one and the ones at home but it was delicious. I 

don't have a picture unfortunately but it was great (it was Tilapia).  My companion is good.  We are working on finding more people to teach.  Seems to be a never ending cycle of the mission work.  Find someone teach them a lesson or two and go find someone else.  I can understand most of what my companions say, but they have to talk in very slow and spaced words for me to understand everything. The same for my investigators, I can usually piece together what they are saying but it takes me a little while.  Right now we have maybe 5-6 solid investigators 2 of which are families which is great, but of course we can always use more.  As for the Spanish I don´t really have a choice in whether I improve it or not.  It´s going to be a thing of habit.  But its good because it gets me out of my shell.  By the time I come back you won´t be able to shut me up.



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