Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Suber Family
We had the baptism on Saturday which was great, the Suber's are going to be great addition to the Quincy branch and their 3 children are just awesome to be around.  It's Alan, Theresa, Sylvia, Winton, and Angelica.  We will have dinner with them on Wednesday so I'll have a better chance to get to know them.  Our mission president also came to the baptism which made the Suber's and the branch members in Quincy feel really good, and was a great bolster to our confidence.  We had a great lesson on Thursday with one of our old time investigators, Minon who is a lovely 75 year old lady from Cuba. We had a member come with us, Hma. Macia, who is also from Cuba. So we found out that when you get 2 Cuban ladies in a room together for the first time, they will talk about everything under the sun until the end of time unless you somehow get them to focus. :)    But having her there gave us a reason to invite Minon's son Alvarro to join us. He said he had the best time with us in that lesson and invited us to come back and teach them again this coming week.  Minon also came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it.  We set a baptism with another of our old time investigators, Walter, who is from Honduras.   He is a super great guy, and is very prepared to follow through on the commitment.  This week we had to do a lot of finding, but it was fun.  We have a lot of return appointments for this week so it's going to be pretty good.  We still need to find more people to teach, but the work is going a whole lot better for us than last transfer so I probably have to thank all the prayers coming from home, the temples, and the many missionaries that pray for us as we pray for them. 

They have a really nice car museum here that we do service at once a week.  Other than that there isn't too much site seeing.  On a silly note, my cousin-in-law, (not naming names but married to Shawna) was in Nashville this week and ate at his first Waffle House.  Really?  If you have never eaten at a Waffle House or had grits, then you have to write to me a letter this week.  My address is in the upper right hand corner.  :) 

Not the Sears tower but still a great view.

Tallahassee Capital

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