Monday, November 17, 2014


The office
Hola, Elder Alzamora left 2 days ago to go to Yopal, it´s  a city in another department of Colombia,   it´s hot but not as much as Barranca. My district now is different because the other companionship got transferred out and new ones put in.  I also am not district leader anymore, my companion Elder Flores is, and I´m okay with that. Elder Flores is doing fine, he´s in my group of missionaries so we´ll see if I go home with him or stay for another transfer.  He knows Monterrey and says that it´s pretty safe.

There are postal services but not like what we have in the states.  There is no such thing as a mail box, the mail gets delivered to the person by hand, with signature.  So the services are different. But somehow someone got a hold of my credit card.   Luckily my credit card company didn't make me pay for the charges not used by me. 

Random tree.
I´m thinking of what food to cook for Thanksgiving, I told my comp that if he makes enchiladas that   I´ll make cheese-sticks and pumpkin pie.  Since you gave me that recipe for a pumpkin pie cake that came out really good, now I know how to make pumpkin pie, so pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving in the mission, OH YEAH.   

Cheese sticks that I made.
I have interviews with President this week and am going to decide if I want to extend my mission or not.  Any thoughts?  

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
Elder Grover with his burrito.

Elder Gale eating Churos
Sipotle like Chipotle.

Elder Gale, me and Sanahuano they both went home.

Messed up jaguar face.
Gold shell from museum,

There really is a golden conch.

This is for Jamie, Jayvin, Bryce, and Ikey.

Annoying orange.

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