Wednesday, October 22, 2014


THANKS EVERYONE FOR READING MY BLOG AND FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT. I almost have 10,000 readers for my blog.  I´m doing fine.  Not a whole lot new this week, I have a new companion and yes I will send a picture, His name is Elder Flores (Elder Flowers) and he´s pretty cool.  He´s from Mexico and came in the same group as me so 
we´ll be going home together.  We also got to go to a new restaurant this week; it´s called Subway, don´t know if you've heard of it.  This week we set up a baptismal date and so we're going to have a baptism in the offices YAY.

I only played one game of ping pong with President Andelin and he just whipped me, I can´t play because I don´t have that hand eye coordination.   I have a lot of pictures, just need to find the time to change the format and send them out.  So hopefully pictures coming next week.  

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