Saturday, June 7, 2014


Me and my Comp going to do some service.
As for the packages I did get them and I have videos of opening my packages, they are pretty funny.  I am super grateful for the Cheez-its and the pens.  They are super delicious and I needed new pens.  I have been using the Twix and Butterfingers to make delicious Blizzards with the ice-cream that I bought.  I was super happy for the Butterfingers, they were appreciated by all, especially the other Gringo in the apartment.  We share everything, except the Cheez-its, I don´t share Cheez-its.   When I go to Bogota I was told that I have another package waiting for me there so we´ll see what I have received from all of you. 
Marriage of Camilo and Anna

Today on our p-day we did nothing, just bought our food for the week, cleaned the house since it's the first 
p-day of the month and slept a little, next week we´re going to go to another part of Boyaca and see what we can find.  The baptism for Omair and Richard didn't go because they still aren't ready, they don´t have a strong base in the gospel to warrant the baptism still, so we´re waiting another week or 2 to prepare them and give them that base that they need. But this week we found a less active that is pretty cool, called Fernei.  He was baptized about 7 years ago and went inactive a little after, but he recognizes the need for the gospel and is ready to start the process again.  We had a great lesson where we explained 2 Nefi 4, which is one of my favorite chapters regarding spiritual strength and the desire to raise oneself up.  Otherwise we go to Bogota this week for the zone council (meeting with all the missionaries in the area) so that will be fun.

My condolences to the Stuart Family.  Mr. Stuart was an awesome, funny man!   

Not much else this week.  I can't wait to hear about Jason's mission call.  Hopefully he gets to go to Medellin here in Colombia.  If not, then I say Argentina.  

Have a great week!

Gift from member of area.
Lamp that a family gave me.
Flower from Duitama.

Letters from everyone!!!!!!!



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