Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mommy, Ma, Ma...


This is the Primary (Children's organization) from my church in Joliet, Illinois

I have  photos for next week.  I forgot to bring my cord.   I haven´t received any packages since March because I couldn't go to Bogota because of the worker/farmers' strike. Oscar is doing well, we have an appointment with him tonight so it should be good.  He is getting there little by little, but we still have to teach a lot of the lessons, we are going to go by there today to teach them and hopefully we can see the real desires that he has. But he´s attended church the last few weeks and has participated really well, so that's really good. 

My companions in the house have been here longer than me so they are getting past the 18 month mark and I'm only getting to the 14 so its a little sad for me, but it's all good.  The week was OK, we had some good days and some not as good days but it´s OK, it's part of life, can´t have really good days every day.  I was in the house the other day because I wasn't feeling well, so i had some sprite and crackers.   

For my birthday, I had cake with my companions.  I will send pics next week.  I WANT TO WISH MY MEMAW AND PAPA A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  

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