Thursday, May 30, 2013

You can tuna piano...

So for this week, not a lot happened.  My companion and I along with the other 2 in our zone were in charge of an activity for the ward.  We were told it was a great success.  My Spanish is still coming in so I can't really understand everything,  But I've only been out for about 2 weeks, so I can't expect to speak the language yet.  During the week we did a trade off so that Elder Correa and I went tracking, just the 2 of us. We met an old investigator that we were able to teach.  He was really receptive, and we have an appointment to go back this week.  I also had the opportunity to meet one of Elder Swarts' old investigators (his first one actually).  He's from Honduras.  Anyway, we were able to teach him as well.  He's moving to another city but we've already set up a lesson with the missionaries in his area to continue the lessons.  

We had our Zone meeting for the new elders in this area which was nice,  Sister Jensen (my Mission mom) gave all of us a Hershey bar, which mine subsequently melted within 2 minutes of leaving the chapel.  Our Mission's motto is "Be a Celestial Missionary."  President Jensen has given this motto for us so that we can learn that the principles that we take from our missions are merely preparing us to be Celestial Individuals. We learn here how to Love the Lord,  how to Pray and Ask for his guidance in all parts of our lives.  We learn charity for our companions and for our investigators. We strengthen our knowledge of the Gospel and come to respect our leaders, the operations of the church, and most importantly, missionaries learn to respect themselves and to remember that we are only here in the field for a short time.

Sister Jensen said during this "You have been waiting for your two years for your entire lives, decide now how you will spend those two years and from that how are you going to let others influence your ability to serve."
This weeks question for everyone that reads my blog and who wants to email me or write me their response (hint, hint),  In Acts 15 and Ephesians 2:8  it says that "By the Grace of God we are saved."  How would you explain this to someone so that they understand that they must do more than say they accept the Grace of God?

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